I actually had to look up “epistolary”

Shame on me!

A new client mentioned to me yesterday that she enjoyed my story on Huffington Post about my mom’s decades-long commitment to writing letters to me and my brother. I’m always glad when this piece gets love because it’s such an unusual story… Or so I thought.

April Greene + mom

Me and Mom in Colorado a couple of years ago

The client went on to say, “My mom and grandmother carried on the same tradition and I’m in possession of about 10 years of their correspondence. I hear constantly from my mom about my failures to live up to her expectations on the epistolary front.”

Well, shut me up! Go moms and grandmas everywhere.

Also shut me up because I had to look up “epistolary” and I’m a writer. I will say the definition looked familiar.

Who else out there is carrying on a fabulous family writing tradition?

The opposite of “Movin’ Out”

Though I can’t claim to be a dyed-in-the-wool Billy Joel fan like Celeste Hamilton Dennis (and I actualIy just moved in with my boyfriend), I couldn’t help but be reminded of that famous tune about cohabitation as I schlepped box after box around my old apartment, then out of it, then into a new one last weekend.

Boy am I tired of looking at boxes (though not at my man, so that’s good).

But at this point there are just a few more coats to hang on hooks and a few more books to line up on shelves and then we’ll have a wonderful, livable new nest.

And then I can get back to typing…

Getting there

Almost there