Grab Bag

April Greene—Writer and Editor

This assortment of my other writing and editing contributions and projects includes interviews with scrappy street musicians, captions for a Russian luxury travel magazine, and advice for retiring baby boomers who want to volunteer.


  • It was my pleasure to talk with grassroots leaders in L.A., for the boss website Locavesting, about their efforts to transform the city’s gridlocked boulevards into a network of safe public venues for community, culture, and greenery.
  • Brooklyn and frugality go together like PB + J. I’ve been happy to cover various aspects of the good, cheap life for Brokelyn.


  • An interview I did about obsessive vinyl record collectors for Medium has been viewed over 67,000 times. Play on!
  • Peacebuilding practitioner Amy Rebecca Marsico hired me to help brand and build her website Kaleidoscope in Motion.
  • I was introduced to the great Milton Allimadi and wrote about community involvement in neighborhood development for Black Star News.


  • A photographer friend and I journeyed to Guatemala and teamed up to pitch this feature to Russian luxury travel magazine Afisha-Mir. (Naturally, my captions were translated into Russian after I wrote them, but I’m sure they retained their original beauty.)
  • I was asked by Next Avenue—a PBS website for people over age 50 who want to make the most of “adulthood part two”—to contribute a piece about volunteering in retirement.

Before that

  • nthWORD is an online magazine devoted to covering arts and culture for interesting people. I interviewed my idol Rick Berlin for their November 2011 issue.
  • Artists Unite is a nonprofit dedicated to providing quality arts programming and to helping artists of all genres collaborate on projects. In 2007, I interviewed Galapagos Art Space founder and director Robert Elmes for their blog.