What I Do


“If writing seems hard, it’s because it is hard.” —William Zinsser

Would you like a hand?

Writing + editing

Are you starting from scratch with a writing project, or do you want a critical second pair of eyes on copy you’ve already created? I write and edit language for personal, nonprofit, and small business web pages, annual reports, blogs, speeches, fundraising campaigns, newsletters, creative side projects, and more. Full website overhaul? Yes. One-off recommendation letter? You bet. Retainer … Continue reading Writing + editing


Some people hate to write, but it’s part of their job. Some people don’t mind it, but don’t have time. Whatever pickle you’re in, just tell me what you need to put on paper. I’ll ask you focused questions to get all the info we need, then spell everything out—in your voice, meeting any necessary … Continue reading Ghostwriting

Post-translation work

You have a great business proposal, marketing plan, cover letter, visa application, or other text ready to go—but English isn’t your first language. If you’re writing in English and are worried it won’t sound natural, or if you’ve run your work through Google Translate and need to clean it up from there, I can help. Unfortunately, even the best … Continue reading Post-translation work